Training Modules

Please select your desired module title below to view the associated video and view downloadable handouts. If you are unable to work through an entire module in one sitting, you can always return at a later date and fast forward the video to where you last left off.

Welcome and Introduction

Time: 3 minutes

General overview of the training.

Module 1: Background - Why we need Walking School Buses, anyway

Time: 14 minutes

School travel modes, why walking and bicycling are important modes, and how walking school buses can be part of a strategy to increase safe walking and bicycling.

Module 2: Preparation – What It Takes to Establish a Sustainable Walking School Bus Program

Time: 15 minutes

The differences between a "formal" and "informal" walking school bus program and the role of a walking school bus coordinator.

Module3: Getting Started

Module 3: First Steps - How to Build Momentum to Launch your Walking School Bus Program

Time: 12 minutes

How and when to use Walk to School Day to launch your walking school bus program, lessons learned and a planning timeline for a formal walking school bus program.

Module 4: Community Partnership – Who Can Help Get the Walking School Bus Rolling

Time: 15 minutes

Potential partners and key stakeholders in the school, community, local government and business.

Module 5: How to Identify and Secure Program Funding

Time: 14 minutes

An example program budget and potential local, state and national funding sources.

Module 6: Key Training Takeaways

Time: 6 minutes

Review of key training messages, community examples and best practices.