Training Modules

Please select your desired module title below to view the associated video and view downloadable handouts. If you are unable to work through an entire module in one sitting, you can always return at a later date and fast forward the video to where you last left off.

Module 1: Welcome

Time: 5 minutes

General overview of the training.

Module 2: Making the Case for SRTS

Time: 17 minutes

General overview of Safe Routes to School programs, why they are important, and a review of the five E's that make up a comprehensive SRTS program.

Module3: Getting Started

Module 3: Getting Started

Time: 32 minutes

Get help with finding SRTS taskforce members, working with key stakeholders, building an SRTS Taskforce, planning a kick off meeting, and finding solutions for common barriers.

Module 4: Gathering Information

Time: 19 minutes

This module will instruct you on gathering information to help put together a local SRTS action plan.

Module 5: Developing an Action Plan

Time: 26 minutes

This module will take the information you gathered from Module 4 and help you to develop a SRTS Action Plan.

Module 6: Sustainability and Evaluation

Time: 22 minutes

Program sustainability is vital to the ultimate success of your program. Evaluation efforts are important for long-term sustainability.

Module 7: Finish the Training

After you have worked your way through Modules 1–6, select this module to complete the training.